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Watch Guide: How To Match A Replica Watch With Mens Outfit

Like your belt, replica watch is a small accessory that can either break or build your get-up. Since men wear limited jewelry, a watch is a beat expression of their personality. The best replica watches are simple, versatile, sophisticated and classic. One of the most common questions we are asked about watches is: “how to match a replica watch to my outfit?”

Leather Watch Bands

There are three guidelines here for wearing a replica watch with Leather watch bands.

  • Leather watch replica bands are more formal than metal bracelet. But rough, rugged, worn-in leather straps on a field watch are an exception to the leather. These straps should be paired with casualwear, like jeans, rather than a suit.
  • Black leather watch bands are more formal than brown leather straps. If you really don’t know what color to choose for mens outfit, then watch with black strap is the best choice.
  • When wearing a watch fixed with a leather-based strap, the material and colour of your shoes is an appropriate reference for the choice of watch bands. For example, a black leather sstrap should be worn with black shoes and belt; a brown leather sstrap with brown belt and shoes. There is no need for the strap color to be exactly the same as the color of these accessories. But they should be a similar tone (light vs medium vs dark).

Metal Watch Bracelet

The replica watch’s case and bracelet can be made of steel, gold, silver, platinum, and titanium. So how to choose the right watch with metal bracelet for men? The color of the watch bracelet’s metal should be same as your other accessories. Such as your rings (wedding ring excepted), cuff links, shoe buckle, belt buckle, etc. But finding a bracelet that is exactly the same color as the accessories is very difficult. So you can choose colors that are close enough.

Here are some simple pairing suggestions.

  • A rose gold watch bracelet can be worn with a yellow gold belt buckle.
  • A metal strap can go fine with either brown or black shoes.
  • Silver bracelets match best with clothes and shoes in black, gray, and blue shades.
  • Gold bracelets go best with browns, beiges, tans, and other earth tones.

Matching a watch to mens outfit can be both simple and complex at the same time. Just be Prectical, there are no absolute right and wrong ways to match a watch to your outfit. But the ideal watch and outfit pairing ensures you will permanently look fashion-forward. Now, I hope you can choose the best high quality replica watches for you on our website.

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  1. James Bender says:

    Hello, how long is a shipment to the US usually take.

    1. Krienke Matthew says:

      Shipping time also depends on the shipping method you choose. In general, DHL will take 3 to 5 days and EMS will take 7 to 15 days.

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    my order keeps saying failed please help

    1. Krienke Matthew says:

      The reason for payment failure is usually that the bank denies your request and you can get another card or a different payment method.

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