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How To Differentiate Between Real And Fake Watches?

Many sellers around the world make a replica of big-name watches with aim of making quick money, which can act as a barrier if you are looking for a new branded watch. But fortunately, well-known brands take various precautions while manufacturing the watch such as they use high-quality material, and marking a unique serial code on the watch.

However due to technological innovations, nowadays replica makers started making watches that are very close to the real ones and even made it difficult for jewelers to tell the difference between them. Therefore you need to understand the factors that differentiate the fake watch from the real watch before you buy.


A Rolex watch is made with different precious stones and metals such as diamonds, gold, silver, platinum, and titanium. In addition, these watches are equipped with many different machine parts which make the watch heavier. Whereas a replica Rolex watches lacks all these things, therefore they are very lightweight and not durable. When you check the both watches side by side then you will realize how heavy the original watches are.


If you ever purchased a branded watch, then you might know that original watches do not create any noise or ticking sound. This is because these watches are assembled very carefully to create a perfect mechanism. On the other hand, replicas lack quality and create a noise that can easily be detected by keeping the original watch side by side.

Authentic Watches Quality

The quality of the original watch is something that makes it different from the replica. A fake watch can never compete with the build quality of an original article. However, to identify whether the watch is fake or not, you can check out its unfinished edges, scratches, improper polish, and even wrong branding and marking.

Check whether it is properly engraved and is not faded out. In addition, the colors of fake watches are different because they are not made up of real gold and diamonds.

Model Number

Apart from the serial number, the model number is something that will help you to identify the fake watch. You can search for the model number on the internet and find the right information about the watch. Fake watches do not have a real model number; therefore you can easily tell that the watch is fake.


Of course, branded designer watches have a couple of stamps on the body. You can simply look at the stamps and check whether they are original or fake. In addition, you can compare your watch with a real watch and check which stamp is placed in what place.


The Box of the watch is something from which you can easily identify whether the watch is real or not. When you will unbox the packaging, make sure the box exactly looks the same as online and is sturdy enough. If the box is of low quality, then most probably the watch is fake.

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