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Fake Rolex Submariner 116610 vs 114060 vs 16610

Rolex Submariner watches super clone

Today the fake Rolex Submariner watches have become one of the most popular and iconic dive watches of all time. This dive watch is not only suitable for wearing while diving, but also equally suitable for everyday life. This is why Rolex designed this watch in the first place. Of course, the Rolex Submariner also owes its current status to its toughness.

Rolex Submariner 116610

Rolex Submariner 116610 fake

The Rolex Submariner 116610 is the latest in a line of stainless steel Submariner watches. Created in 2010, this Rolex watch still has the same 40mm case diameter. However, it has a larger crown and wider lugs, so it looks larger than the previous replica Rolex Submariner watches. Also, this stainless steel sports watch is made of the more corrosion resistant 904L steel.

The 60-minute bezel on the aaa grade Rolex Submariner 116610 replica is made of the latest ceramic, called Cerachrom bezel. The bezel hides four click springs inside the bezel, which, along with the bezel edge that ensures a firm grip, makes adjusting the bezel much easier. The numerals and indices on the bezel are made of platinum, and the circle indicator at the starting position is filled with Chromalight. This allows the diver to visualize the dive time even underwater.

The black Maxi dial is echoed by the black ceramic bezel. The hour markers and hands are surrounded by 18k white gold and filled with Chromalight luminescence. The Chromalight illuminates blue rather than green in dark conditions or at night. The larger hour markers and hands also give the watch better proportions.

Rolex Submariner 116610LV imitation

Underneath the sturdy stainless steel caseback is the NO.3135 movement with a date complication. We can see this rectangular date window at 3 o’clock on the dial with the Cyclops. This movement is very reliable and COSC certified. Incidentally, the replica Rolex Submariner 116610LV is the most popular watch these days, nicknamed the “Hulk”.

Rolex Submariner 114060

Rolex Submariner 114060 replica

Most fake Rolex Submariner watches now include a date feature, and the Rolex Submariner 114060 is the latest No-Date watch. This Rolex Submariner is still made of 904L steel and maintains a 40mm case diameter. Without a date window, the fake Rolex Submariner 114060 has a smooth sapphire crystal and a perfectly symmetrical Maxi dial. There is no Cyclops at 3 o’clock and no date window.

The black ceramic bezel, hour markers and hands are all made of platinum. Inside this watch is the No. 3130 movement. The only difference between the NO.3130 movement and the NO.3135 is the date function. Although the Rolex Submariner 114060 is simpler, it is the watch that has the most of the spirit of the original Submariner design.

Rolex Submariner 16610

Rolex Submariner 16610 replica

The Rolex Submariner 16610 was a version prior to ref.116610. This watch had a longer production cycle, from 1988 to 2010. If you are looking for a classic, vintage Rolex Submariner watch, the ref.16610 is the best choice.

The watch is still 40mm in diameter, but it’s already water resistant to 300M. The black dial under the sapphire crystal is filled with glowing green tri within the hour markers and hands. Also, this Rolex Submariner watch is powered by the NO.3135 movement with date complication. It is also the first Submariner watch to be powered by the NO.3135 movement.

Rolex Submariner 116610 VS 114060 VS 16610

  • Bezel

In addition to the Rolex Submariner 16610 with an aluminum bezel, the other two best Submariner replica watches are paired with the latest ceramic bezel. The Cerachrom bezel is not only scratch-resistant and more lustrous, it also has a click spring. The aluminum bezel has only one click spring, while the ceramic bezel has four.

  • Luminous

Both the Rolex Submariner 116610 and 114060 use Chromalight luminescence in their bezels and dials. But the Rolex Submariner 16610 uses the tri and has green light. Chromalight luminescence emits a longer lasting blue light.

  • Proportions

All three clone Submariner watches maintain the same case size, 40mm. However, the Submariner 116610 and 114060 have larger hour markers and hands than the 16610.

Although the differences among the fake Rolex Submariner 116610, 114060, and 16610 watches are small, these small differences are important to Rolex fans.

Rolex Submariner watches are not the most expensive, complicated, or high-end dive watches, but their popularity is unparalleled. The fake Rolex Submariner watches that remain waterproof to 300M are for the non-professional dive sports enthusiast. If you are a diving enthusiast or a professional diver, then you should choose the Sea-Dweller and Deepsea watches designed especially for you by Rolex. But it was the Rolex Submariner that started the dive watch craze and made it the most popular watch on the tool list.

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    i have questions about the Rolex Daytona you sell first does the sweep hand for the seconds jump or is it a smooth motion, second are the three small dials on the face functional or just for looks, and is there a Rolex hologram sticker on the rear of the watch face, in short how close is this copy to the original in look and function

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      The similarity between the fake and real watches we sell is over 90%. The 18k gold is made of gold plated stainless steel. The second hand is smoothly sliding. In short, we sell low priced but high quality replica watches.

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