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Everything you need to know about watches

The Ultimate Guide To replica Watches

If you are looking for a new watch, there are a lot of choices that you can make, besides that you just like it of course. For what timepiece are you going; you take a digital or analog watch; Do you want your watch to be waterproof? On this blog, all the points below about watches are highlighted. So that you have no more questions and can choose a watch that suits you perfectly!

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  1. The clockwork
  2. The time indication
  3. The water resistance
  4. The glass
  5. Replace the battery to shorten the watchband
  6. Maintenance tips

The clockwork The movement is the mechanism of the watch which ensures that the hands move and the time is accurately indicated. Watches can have different timepieces, the most famous are Quartz, Solar and automatic watches.

Quartz watches A Quartz watch is powered by a battery. In the timepiece, there is a crystal that vibrates at a certain frequency. By means of these vibrations, the mechanism in the clock can accurately indicate the time. The great thing about a Quartz watch is that the movement is very precise and that it requires little maintenance and service. The only thing you have to take into account is that the battery can run out and needs to be replaced. The amount of time a new battery requires depends on the watch type and model, but a battery lasts between one year and five years. Is it empty? Then we can replace the battery at perfectreplica!

Solar watches Solar watches use solar energy. A solar cell (a very small solar panel) converts solar energy into electricity. This electricity is stored in a rechargeable battery. A few minutes of light per day, this can be both sun and artificial light ensures that a solar watch runs smoothly. How long a solar watch without light can depend on the type of watch and the model. This runs from a few days to a year. When your battery is almost empty, the watch automatically indicates it. The big advantage of a solar watch is that it is environmentally friendly. The battery never needs to be replaced and it generates its own electricity.

Automatic watches An automatic watch works through movement. There is a mechanism that rotates when the watch moves. A spring is excited by the rotational movement, which ensures that the time is indicated. So no battery is needed. An automatic watch needs movement and will stand still after about 36 hours without movement, you have to set the time yourself if you use it again. On the other hand, this timepiece is very durable and environmentally friendly, because you do not use a battery here.

Time indication

The time display is the way the time is displayed. There are different types of time indications and we have put them together for you here.

Analog. An analog watch is a watch with pointers. It indicates the time like a clock. One hand represents the hours, one for the minutes and some analog watches have a hand for the seconds.
Digital. Digital watches show the time without hands, but with numbers. Often four or six digits are used in digital watches.
Chronograph. A special type of multi-function watch is the chronograph. This is a watch where you can keep track of time yourself with a stopwatch. A chronograph can be recognized by 3 extra hands on the dial, which ensures that you can keep track of time very accurately. The first hand indicates the seconds, the second the minutes and the third the hours.

The water resistance

To indicate the water resistance of a watch, the term ATM (atmosphere) is used, this is a unit for pressure. 1 ATM is equal to 10 meters of water pressure. It may be confusing, but water pressure does not indicate how deep you can. With a 10-meter water pressure watch, you can not go underwater for 10 meters. Below we have indicated for each ATM where a watch is resistant to:

3 ATM: A 3 ATM watch is also called splashproof. This watch is resistant to drops and hand washing, but you should not immerse it.
5 ATM: This watch is resistant to showering and washing.
10 ATM: With this watch you can swim or snorkel.
20 ATM: This watch can stand well against water. You can scuba dive and dive from the diving board.
50 ATM: Watches with 50 ATM are made for deep-sea diving. Very waterproof.
But beware: if you have been baking on the beach in the sun all day and then dipping in the cool water, the sealing of your watch may shrink due to the temperature difference and it may be that even a waterproof watch is no longer 100% watertight.

The glass

For the protection of the dial, glass is used in watches. Watch glass is available in different hardnesses and materials. The best known materials are mineral glass, crystal glass and sapphire glass.

Mineral glass. Mineral glass is the watch glass that is most commonly used in the production of watches. It is a hardened type of glass which, with normal use, can withstand scratches.
Crystal glass . Crystal glass can be compared with mineral glass, but as an extra, lead has been added. The lead makes the glass brighter and stronger than mineral glass and it can be even better against scratches.
Sapphire glass . Sapphire glass is one of the more exclusive types of glass for watches. The glass is very strong and is scratch resistant even with intensive use. Sapphire glass is mainly used in luxury watches, because it takes a lot of time to make it.
Plastic glass. We have different kinds of plastic glass in our collection, in different quality classes. One of the plastic glasses used for watches is the durable acrylic glass. Plastic glass is much cheaper than all other types of glass and it is almost unbreakable. So it has a very high impact resistance. On the other hand, something is more scratch-sensitive than the other types of glass.

Service – Battery replacement & shortening watchband

Is your battery empty or does your watchband have to be tighter? Then you can always go to a jeweler or watchmaker. You can not replace your battery, but shorten a watch band … you can do that again!

the watch battery If you bought your watch from perfectreplica and it is less than a year old, you can have the battery replaced free of charge with your receipt. In all other cases we charge $19.99. If you have a waterproof watch and you want it to be waterproof, we can not replace the battery in the store. The watch is then sent to the watchmaker so that the battery can be replaced and it can be made waterproof again. The costs are between $20, – and $50, -. Whether we ourselves replace the battery, or that the watchmaker can do this the best, we judge in the store.

Shorten the watchband?
If you have purchased your watch from perfectreplica, we will make your watchband free for you. Even if you have ordered online or have the watch as a gift, Do you have a watch that you did not buy at perfectreplica?

If your watchband does not have a complicated design, you can shorten it yourself in most cases:

Watch band with links . Do you have a watch band with links? then you can shorten yourself by means of this watchband-shortener. You tie the band in between and can easily push out the pin of the link.
Mesh watch band . You can easily adjust a mesh watch strap yourself by opening the latch with a screwdriver. Then you can slide the closure back and forth and click again in the right place. View our blog for a clear overview!
Leather watch band . A leather watch band, you just have to puncture a hole.
Maintenance tips
How do I keep my watch clean for as long as possible?
If you want to have a lot of fun with your watch, be careful with it. Below are some tips to keep your watch as neat as possible

Rub your watch with our watch polishing cloth . The glass will shine nicely and stains and fingerprints will disappear through it.
Is your watch waterproof? Clean it after swimming, because chlorine and seawater can damage your watch. That would be a waste! Use water and mild soap for this.
Be careful with chemicals such as perfume or hair spray. If your watch comes into contact with it, it can affect the band. So do not spray perfume directly on the watch or on the skin that comes into contact with it.
If you have a watch with a low battery, replace the battery as soon as possible. If an empty battery is left in a watch for too long, it can oxidize and leak. This can damage your watch.
Make sure you store your watch in a place where it can not be damaged, and … another tip: if you are going to store your watch for a longer period of time, put the clock still. This way you will prevent the battery from being empty if you want to wear it again after a long time.
Do you know exactly after all this info which watch wants, or do you need more inspiration? View our range of watches to find your perfect replica watches!


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  1. joe smith says:

    Can you tell me if the movement in your replicas is “perpetual” (i.e., smooth movement of the second hand)? Is there a video of your replicas I can watch?

  2. Randi Lynn says:

    Can you tell me if these replica watches comes with a replica box and if I need to purchase one in addition to my order for my watch?

    1. Krienke Matthew says:

      These replica watches don’t come with a replica box. If you need a box, you can purchase one in addition to your order.

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